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What We Do

O'Hara Development Partners is a community development company that was created to develop healthy communities through the rehabilitation of decayed properties for residential and commercial use. From partnerships with local and city programs, we provide educational and other sustainability services to support economic growth for our communities. 

About Us

Who We Are

We offer financial literacy programs, homeownership classes, and focus on greenspace development to increase recreational and active community spaces. 

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It Takes A Village

Transforming greenspace to promote community engagement and wellness is needed in inner-city development. In 2021, O’Hara Development Partners purchased .25 acres of land surrounded by a community of row homes. "It Takes a Village reclaims this sacred greenspace improves safety for nearby residents and provides hope for a creative open space (outdoor fitness, creative performances, etc.), safe play area, new trees, and shaded areas for cool places to engage.

Join us as we provide a new community playground & fitness area in the East Baltimore Midway community.

Social Impact Strategies




Housing Education

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Green Spaces

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145 W Ostend Street, Suite 260
Baltimore, MD 21230

1-800 - 738 - 8349

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