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O’Hara Development Partners Is Taking Action For Community Green-Spaces

As the community begins to recover from decades of disinvestment and neglect, a sacred green-space, open to all in the community, is essential for inner-city development. Studies indicate green-spaces increase in mental health and greater wellbeing, along with a direct link to improving community health. Green-space development is a core part of O'Hara's focus on home redevelopment and urban planning.

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Community Park Coming Soon!

In 2021, O’Hara Development Partners purchased 6 lots (.25 acres) of land surrounded by a community of row homes in East Baltimore Midway. Beginning in March, we plan to make a multi-generational community park, reclaiming the space for children with a safe space to play, open space for outdoor fitness, creative performance, and more. We will also preserve the history of the space as an urban farm, bring its existing fruit trees back to life, and provide shaded areas for cool places to engage.


An ideal complement to the budding neighborhood, current and future families will have a safe, functional, and diverse area to engage.

It Takes a Village Campaign

In April, O'Hara Development Partners and its non-profit organization, O’Hara Partners CDC, have launched the 'It Takes a Village' campaign to work with national, state, and local partners, politicians, and volunteers to build and strengthen our urban communities - demonstrating a commitment to social and economic development. 

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We Cannot Create Change In A Vacuum. Together, We Will Restore Communities One Block At A Time.




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